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Our Services

Field Of Specialization

Ferro Scanning

For detection of Rebar diameter, location, spacing & concrete cover. Basically used in absence of Structural Drawings for Reverse Engineering & to avoid hitting steel whilst drilling.

Vibration Free Diamond Core Cutting

Used for making circular or linear openings in RCC members without hammering or percussion impact.
Range: Dia 8mm to 750mm x 4,000 mm {4.0 Mtrs.} depth.

Vibration Free Diamond Saw Cutting

Used for making linear openings in RCC members, especially in Columns, beams, floors, foundations, slab.
Range: 700mm deep from one side.

Epoxy Chemical Anchoring & Rebar Doweling

Specialist application & execution contractor for all types of normal & critical Anchoring needs related to Rebar doweling, Chemical anchoring, mechanical anchoring etc.
Epoxy ET-22 from SIMPSON Strong-Tie {USA} has won exceptional Orders in Pakistan in a very short time span. WE have approvals from several leading Consultants & Industrial projects.

Drilling & Breaking

Specialist in large dia & deep drilling in RCC and particularly where time and progress matters during turn- arounds or on fast track projects.

Anchor Pull-Out Testing

On-site Anchor pull out Testing facility is provided using 30 Tons capacity Hydraulic Anchor testing kit.

Turnkey Projects

Having excellent capabilities & experience of executing as a Specialist engineering company (including Civil & Mechanical scopes),
Turnkey projects related to Retro-fitting, Re-Strengthening, Jacketing & Structural Repairs.

Completed successfully HABIB BANK LIMITED {Exterior Facades work} in 2007-08.

Fatima Fertilizer Co. Ltd., NP plant {Steel Jacketing of RCC Columns using SIMPSON Epoxy} in 2011

Under Water Core Cutting

We are the 1st company in Pakistan to ever attempt Under Water Core cutting & to execute it successfully in record time at the prestigious SUKKUR barrage rehabilitation project.

Engineering Excellence

We take pride to be the 1st and only company in Pakistan having on-hands Experience, Expertise & Equipments to undertake massive diameter reinforced concrete Core cutting jobs.

Our old company DDSS Successfully executed jobs at Lucky Cement Ltd & Mustehkam Cement Ltd core cutting in diameters of 750mm x 4.0 Mtrs. deep in RCC.