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Introducing SpeedFlex® Track Top Gasket

Say goodbye to caulk. Shoot it and walk!

EZ-Path® Floor Grid Splice Plate

Join Multiple single bank grids (EZDG444S) together for use in elongated floor slot penetrations

SpecSeal® Triple S® Intumescent Firestop Sealant

The original and still the best, multi-purpose firestop sealant

Specified Technologies Inc. (STI)

About STI

Specified Technologies Inc. (STI) is an industry leader in developing innovative fire protection systems that help stop the spread of fire, smoke and toxic fumes. For over 30 years, our management team has worked hand in hand with the construction industry to create simple solutions to complex firestopping problems. Our SpecSeal® and EZ-Path® product lines are engineered to deliver powerful performance. Because our system designs are user-driven, they are easier to apply. The result is simply designed, outstanding fire protection systems which often result in lower installed costs. STI products and systems offer innovative firestop solutions for all types of new construction and retrofit applications. Since firestopping is our only business, we concentrate all our resources on providing the highest quality, fully tested, innovative firestopping solutions.

Our Commitment

At STI, products are but one component of our value package. As a fully focused manufacturer we are committed to providing complete solutions to your Firestop needs and challenges. We invest the time to understand the unique needs of specific construction segments and applicators and then develop products, systems, and programs tailored to meet these needs. The results are industry-changing, innovative, patented technologies such as EZ-Path® Fire Rated Pathway and Triple S® two-stage intumescent sealant, or programs and services like our Barrier Management Program℠ (BMP) for healthcare or the industry’s first web-based “Submittal Builder™.” As a stable, growing, privately held company we control our future. We do what is right for the long term, not a quarterly earnings report. We remain committed to these values, our client partnerships, and the firestop industry.

Mr. Charbel H. Tagher
President, Specified Technologies Inc.


Product Spotlight


Submittal Builder

IFC/UL Firestop Video


Select Your Construction Type

The perfect choice for fire-rated construction, including smoke barriers, a particular type of smoke resistant barrier that carries a fire rating.

The new EZ-Path® Smoke & Acoustical Pathway can be used throughout non-rated barriers, including smoke partitions, a non-rated smoke resistant construction.

Firestop Solutions for Barrier Management

Track the Process | Document the work | Ensure Completion & Compliance

Every minute of everyday your barrier management records are accurate and up to date with STI’s eBMP program and the information is easily accessible. From job status and system information, to who the installer was, eBMP allows for an unlimited number of user defined queries to generate and print various reports for compliance.

At this very moment there is a good chance that a barrier in your hospital is being penetrated…new data cabling for the latest technology, floor remodels, hospital expansions…somewhere somebody is penetrating a fire barrier or removing an existing firestop system…do you know who the installer is…do you know if their system is compliant…do you know if they even sealed the opening…do you want to wait until the next inspection to find out…or worse yet…face the liability if there were a fire?

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The Complete Management Solution

Penetrations & Joints


• Log location, penetrants, condition, UL System, installer.


• Track all changes, assessments, inspections.

Fire Doors, dampers & extinguishers


• Log location, rating, listing agency, installer, initial inspection.


• Schedule and track inspections, maintenance and repairs.

How It Works

The Electronic Barrier Management Program is Different

eBMP allows you to digitally manage the process of creating, sealing, mapping and subsequent accessing of all penetrations in your facility. In addition, eBMP also provides the management tools for inspection, repair, and maintenance of fire doors, dampers, and extinguishers.

Track Location Accurately!

Intuitive Mapping & Labeling System Makes It Easy To Find Hidden Items.

Mapping System Logs… Campus, building, floor, exact coordinates, construction type, and rating

Barrier Inventory Database Tracks… New partitions created or added, Older partitions remodeled or replaced, Matches existing penetration or item locations to replaced or altered partitions

Easy Label Location System Provides… Barrier labeling with simple location reference points, Ceiling tiles as a convenient ruler, Barcoded labels to find and log exact locations

Reporting & Documentation

  • Report results of work activities
  • Provide Statement of Conditions (SOC)
  • Report deficiencies
  • Custom reporting available
  • Schedule inspections, maintenance and repairs
  • Plan & track corrections

Certification, Compliance & Traceability

  • Track installers who perform the work
  • Use pre-assigned UL Systems for penetrations & joints
  • Barcoded UL Systems provide easy and accurate selection and data entry
  • Record equipment types, models and listing agencies

Building…Campus…Corporation…An Enterprise Solution!

  • Log and store data at individual desktop locations
  • Composite data for multiple buildings or campuses
  • Provide complete data backup at remote locations

Powerful Web-Based Administrative Tools

  • Register approved vendors
  • Issue projects and assign permits for job tracking
  • Automatic email notifications

Construction documentation requirements have exploded. Whether reports are necessary to fulfill contract obligations or data is being used internally for quality control and management purposes, tracking and reporting methods are essential. iFirestop provides a method to simplify firestop documentation.

  • Streamlined data entry using an iOS device
  • Location labels to identify areas where firestop systems are or will be installed
  • Enhances productivity while eliminating burdensome paper reporting
  • Clear understanding of on-site conditions requiring remediation
  • Cloud-based data storage

iFirestop allows contractors to track the functions related to firestop projects. Consisting of the online iFirestop Database, and an iOS App to facilitate data collection, the iFirestop system was designed with contractors in mind.

The iFirestop system seamlessly integrates three essential functions:

  • Assessment of field conditions prior to firestop system installation
  • Tracking firestop system installation
  • Inspection of work after firestop system installation is completed

iFirestop allows users to conduct assessments and record data for future correction using the iOS device. Installation data for penetration and joint firestop systems is easily logged to meet project documentation requirements or satisfy quality management system procedures. UL System information is correlated to job site installations by scanning barcodes on STI’s UL System documentation, which speeds the data entry process.

Location labels are captured using pre-printed, barcoded labels. Pictures taken using the iOS device’s built-in camera document the process and are attached to the database record.

The cloud-based iFirestop Database allows users to log in and download data (Excel® format) to create user-generated reports.


  • Enrollment into iFirestop Program
  • Appointment of an in-house Program Administrator to manage the program
  • Apple iPad® or iPad Mini® (must have camera)
  • iFirestop App (available from Apple App Store)
  • Pre-printed wall labels with bar codes
  • Optional iFlash® attachment for picture taking in low light areas

How to Enroll:

  • Contact your local STI Representative to obtain a registration form
  • The annual fee for access to the iFirestop Database is $500.00
  • Admin User will receive login information via an email from STI
  • Once enrolled, the iFirestop App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for $49.99

For more information on this program, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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